College of Engineering- Al Shirqat was established in 2013, depending on a specific and high quality standards to graduate engineers in different disciplines with the responsibility to serve the community and the country. In addition to its role in supporting the professors and developing their scientific abilities in scientific research, it contributes in one way or another in giving consulting, design, supervision and follow-up of projects of the country, society and the public interest.
The college has (2) two departments. It includes (12) twelve laboratories and (2) two workshops which are equipped with the latest machinery, scientific instruments and supercomputers to promote theoretical and applicable side to the graduates.

It was accepted the first batch of college students in the academic year (2019- 2020) and by (24 students) and distributed on the two sections in a timely manner, namely:

1. Department of Electrical Engineering (9) students.

2. Department of Mechanical Engineering (15) students.

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